Die Freien Brauer stand for
a community of private breweries

Affiliation criteria

In order to demonstrate certain vigour in our market, it is important to "Die Freien Brauer" to represent a certain hectolitre volume via their owners. We keep, however, the number of owners reasonably. By doing so, we on the one hand assure direct contact among the breweries themselves and also with the co-operation headquarter, and on the other hand we secure the community's flexible ability to act and to respond.

We are basically open-minded about new owners - but only if this increase of owners does not have any negative influence on the quality of the community. New owners are therefore selected according to strict criteria - we closely examine if they are able to meet our high demands and if they correspond to our mentality. By this means, we are able to maintain the quality and the high level of our community.

Compulsory criteria for owners of "Die Freien Brauer"

  • The brewery has to be independent and family-owned. By this, we mean that its business policy is shaped and influenced by a family. The brewery should represent an essential business segment of this entrepreneurial family.

  • The brewery contributes actively to the preservation of a vivid regional beer culture. Practised tradition and innovation support the preservation of the art of brewing and the way of life.

  • The business philosophy is characterised by a consistent brand orientation. The product line which contains premium beer specialities with a distinctive profile is settled in the premium price segment. We refuse exchangeable bulk products and cheap beers run of the mill.

  • Values like sustainability and solidity play an important role with regard to strategic thoughts and actions of the brewery. The brewery acts as a reliable and fair partner towards its employees, suppliers and customers.

  • The brewery is willing and able to play a part in the community. This means on the one hand an open, honest and trustful association with one another and on the other hand the willingness to support each other.

  • The brewery takes social responsibility and pleads for a long-term sustainable mindset. Its business principles are considerably formed by the respect of man and nature.



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