Die Freien Brauer stand for
a community of private breweries


Integrated insurance management

Pooling of operational insurance management of the owners breweries via „Deutsche Brau-Kooperation Versicherungs-Vermittlungsgesellschaft mbH „ of „ Die Freien Brauer“ (Independent brewers) in Dortmund

Main priorities

  • Qualified risk analysis
  • Risk prevention and provision consulting
  • Sector-specific  insurance coverage
  • Claims handling and claim settlement including defence against unjustified claims 


  • Reduction of insurance premiums by pooling concepts 
  • continuous insurance cover due to sector-specific and interlocking concepts 
  • advice independent of insurers
  • International monitorinig

Vor contact:

Mr. Meinolf Trockel
Telephone:   +49 (0) 2 31 / 5404-248
Telefax:        +49 (0) 2 31 / 5404-7248
E-Mail:          meinolf.trockel@leue.de
Website:      www.leue.de

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