Die Freien Brauer stand for
a community of private breweries

Projects and workshops

„Die Freien Brauer“ support each other by initiating higher-ranking subjects which are discussed in different study groups. 

The following projects have been successfully completed:

  • Concepts for common beer brands
  • Diversification projects
  • Brochure „Care for the beer“
  • Media purchase
  • Catering concepts
  • Selection systems for sales force and innkeepers
  • Future of beer industry – potential strategies for medium-sized and privately-owned breweries
  • Asset-backed transactions with regard to claims resulting from contracts for beer supply
  • Sales promotion
  • Benchmarks regarding sales, technics and logistics
  • Bottling co-operations
  • etc.

also some reseraches have been initiated; for example: 

  • Scenarios
  • Researches regarding diversification
  • Market psychological researches
  • Collaborative studies
  • IT

Moreover, „Die Freien Brauer“ offer their owners practical workshops.



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Traditional art of brewing and genuine way of life

These guidelines reveal how "Die Freien Brauer" guarantee the diversity of their product range and strengthen the profitability of their enterprises

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