Die Freien Brauer stand for
a community of private breweries


Since 1969, leading regional private breweries have worked together in a co-operation called “Die Deutsche Braukooperation“ (German Brewing Co-operation) – that’s the co-operation’s original name. First of all, the reason for the foundation of this co-operation was the common development of a national beer brand as a response to the efforts of the big breweries’ groups to establish themselves their beer brands on the German market. As the co-operation in this pilot scheme worked well, new fields of activity were entered. First, the main issue of the co-operation was the common purchase of commodities and services, but little by little, the service offer for the owners of the co-operation was steadily extended. Up to now, regular exchanges of experiences in workshops and study groups, common projects and technical developments have been supporting the breweries in maintaining and developing their market position.

Due to rapid changes in the beer market, „Die Deutsche Brau-Kooperation“ decided in 2005 to concentrate its concerns and aims and to appear before the public. As a result, the initiative „Die Freien Brauer“ (Independent Brewers) was founded in 2006. In the following years this evolving co-operation was developed. At first, a common basis of values was formed, namely the so called “Seven Values”. Afterwards, many high-publicity activities were carried out, and communications and public relations activities were intensified. Earlier in 2009, the “Deutsche Brau-Kooperations GmbH & Co. KG“ was renamed as Die Freien Brauer GmbH & Co. KG“.



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The Seven Values of "Die Freien Brauer"


Traditional art of brewing and genuine way of life

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