Die Freien Brauer stand for
a community of private breweries



„Die Freien Brauer“ is an entrepreneurial initiative. It is not only an economic community, but also a community of entrepreneurs who share values and interests. The owners of „Die Freien Brauer“ have been expressing their support for a strong vision and mission. Moreover, they act according to clear principles, including claim for excellence, sustainability and competitiveness.

The owners of this initiative identify themselves with the specific issues in their region and its inhabitants, organisations, sales partners and enterprises. According to their responsibility as employer, it is their goal to secure a solid regional economic structure with healthy businesses. “Die Freien Brauer“ want to preserve the regional beer variety and its high-quality, pure specialities, Therefore they enjoy long-standing direct and personal business relations with consumers and sales partners. „Die Freien Brauer“ promote regional traditions and regional specifics so that the genuine regional way of life persists. At the same time they are open to new ideas and necessary changes. 

„Die Freien Brauer“ consider themselves as partners for those who appreciate the genuine, who are able to have a conscious taste for pleasure and who neither follow every single trend nor confuse size with quality. 




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The Seven Values of "Die Freien Brauer"


Traditional art of brewing and genuine way of life

These guidelines reveal how "Die Freien Brauer" guarantee the diversity of their product range and strengthen the profitability of their enterprises

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