Die Freien Brauer stand for
a community of private breweries

Our principles

Claim for excellence

“Die Freien Brauer“ consider themselves as the most attractive co-operation of successful family-owned breweries, as a community of values with a consistent claim for excellence. Our goal: being excellent whatever we do. This claim does not only refer to the beers produced according to German Purity Law and to highest product standards, but also for example to a convincing market policy, an excellent service towards our customers and business partners and a deliberate orientation towards consumers’ demands. 

We want to prove this claim for excellence and set quality standards within our market by a close and trustful co-operation and mutual learning. 


„Die Freien Brauer“ follow a long-term approach based on honest partnership and mutual trust – both with regard to us and to our partners. Our goal is the maintenance of enduring solid structures and of values defining identity. We have committed ourselves to this goal and take responsibility for it.

In order to remain competitive, we realise the synergies from our community of interests and values. It is our aim to make our owners more successful in the long run. With its broad service range of products „Die Freien Brauer“ offer their owners most favorable conditions to lead their companies into a strong, independent future.



„Die Freien Brauer“ play an important role with regard to the medium-sized brewery sector. With our Seven Values we enhance our profile and draw a line between ourselves and our competitors.

One of our central fundamental values is independence. By this, we understand an active mutual support as well as common activities which help maintain and develop an independent, free enterprise system in an environment which is characterised by concentration and globalisation. It is our goal to advance and develop the position of our owners in their respective competitive environment, to keep their independence and to strengthen their market position. 

Our work solely contributes to the success of our owners. Due to an efficient, professional headquarter, short response times and quick decisions we are able to support our owners organisationally. In the long run, we help them secure their competitiveness.



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