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The Bofferding Brewery (Brasserie Nationale S.A.)

The current Brasserie Nationale was born through a merger of the Funck-Bricher brewery, founded in 1764 in downtown Luxembourg, and the Bofferding brewery, founded in 1842 in Bascharage. In 2004 Bofferding acquired the Battin brewery in Esch-Alzette and has brewed both the Bofferding and Battin beers ever since following their original recipes.

Our market share in Luxembourg was approximately 19% after the merger in 1975 and has steadily increased up to the current level of 60%.

The reasons fort his market share development were our continued premium-pricing policy, innovations in all domains as well as a very high quality strategy. Only the best quality and safety for the consumer are the main tenets during our production process. It is hence only normal that we were one of the first foreign breweries to participate in the DLG-Test and to win the « Grosser Preis der DLG ».

Our beers are manufactured with utmost care and according to the German Reinheitsgebot, completely without chemical additives or conservatives. The only permitted ingredients are malted summer barley, hops from managed plantations, water from our private well and pure culture yeast, A special feature is the fact that our yeast is only used once. 

Every step in our manufacturing process, from the malt delivery to the finished bottle or keg, is continuously monitored by our internal laboratory as well as external organs (Staatslabor, Brautechnische Prüf- und Versuchsanstalt, Weihenstephan and VLB-Berlin) according to established schedules.

The production by-products yeast and spent grain, which are used as high quality animal feed, are of course subject to the same stringent quality measures. We are fully aware that these products are parts of the food production chain.

We always guarantee a product of highest quality and freshness.

Bascharage, June 2012 
The Management


Brasserie Nationale Bofferding S. A.
2, bd J.F. Kennedy
L-4901 Bascharage, Gd-D. de

Telephone:     00 352 / 48 33 33 365
Telefax:            00 352 / 23 63 64 282

E-Mail:   info@bofferding.lu
Web:       www.bofferding.lu



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