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Brauerei Hirt


The Hirt brewery sees itself as a Pilsner brewery most of all. It would like to remain small and fine and produce rarities which stand out due to their exceptional quality and individuality.

With its own water from a water conservation area above the brewery, the Hirt brewery is one of the very few breweries that has the luxury of brewing with pure spring water.

Hirt beers have an unmistakable taste. Brewed according to old Bohemian formulas, the pilsner Hirter Privat Pils is characterized by exceptional leanness, mild seasoning and pleasant aftertaste in contrast to other North German type pilsner beers on the market.


Brauerei Hirt GmbH
Hirt 9
A-9322 Micheldorf

Telephone: +43 (0) 42 68 / 20 50 0
Telefax:     +43 (0) 42 68 / 20 50 41

E-Mail:       office@hirterbier.at
Web:          www.hirterbier.at



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