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Karmeliten Brauerei


Straubings einzigartige Klosterbiere

Long ago, all beers brewed in traditional monasteries were proving better than any other beers in the surrounding areas. Not only did the monks put great importance on the quality of their ingredients, they also were specialists in the art of brewing. 

To this day, we still brew corresponding to the high standards of our forefathers, who founded the brewery in 1367. Accordingly, we only use selected, best raw materials. All from our Bavarian home country.

We source our Karmeliten brewing water from our own deep well. In the Straubing city area, we grow, harvest and malt our own malting barley together with regional partners. When using regional raw materials we do not only care for excellent quality, but also the protection of the environment.

It is our personal concern and responsibility for men and nature to take action in environmental protection and the conservation of resources. That is why we consequently stand up for sustainability and mindfulness. Therefore, we count not only on our regional economic cycle, but also on the future-oriented project of the Energy Self-sufficient Brewery. Through the unique combination of traditional brewing tradition and our investment in most modern technologies, we achieve major reductions of our carbon emissions of 99,5%.

By this means, Karmeliten Brauerei connects excellent beer pleasure and the common purpose of protecting our environment.


Karmeliten Brauerei Karl Sturm GmbH & Co. KG

Senefelderstraße 21
94315 Straubing

Telephone: 09421/78 19 0
Fax: 09421/78 19 13

Email:   info@karmeliten-brauerei.de
Web:        www.karmeliten-brauerei.de



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