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Kirner Privatbrauerei



A traditional private brewery presents itself.

Kirner Privatbrauerei Ph. & C. Andres looks back on more than two hundred years of bridal tradition. Even today Kirn is the seat of the brewery, which is run as a family business.
Headed by Michael Peitz, Kirner Privatbrauerei is one of the most important breweries in Rheinland-Pfalz with an annual output of more than 65,000 hectoliters.

The following specialties characterize the assortment:

Kirner Pils (feinherbes premium Pils)
Kirner Landbier hell (hefetrübes Pils)
Kirner Landbier dunkel (amber-colored specialty according to Pilsener brewing)
Kirner Weizen (white yeast)
Kirner Weizen alkoholfrei (alcohol-free yeast-white beer)
Kirner Kyr (light pils)
Kirner Frei (non-alcoholic pils)

As well as the beer mixed drinks

Kirner Colabier (Pils + Cola)
Kirner Radler (Pils + Schwollener Lemon Lemonade)
Kirner Weizen Radler alkoholfrei (alcohol-free wheat + spicy lemon lemonade)

As well as seasonal beer specialties

Kirner Schinderhannes Bock
Kirner Maibock
Kirner Schinderhannes Alt


Kirner Fürst Dominik
Kirner Hell
Kirner Herb
Kirner Amber
Kirner Jahrgangscuvée

The Kirner Privatbrauerei sees itself well prepared for the future and assesses its market opportunities in an increasingly global competitive environment optimistically and confidently in new positioning as a "brewery of fine beer specialties". Their role as "I am KIRNER" is credible, honest and thus also authentic.

The brewery has always been committed to a special quality claim: brewing beers with a distinctive taste using modern brewing technology and traditionally handed down recipes.


Kirner Privatbrauerei Ph. & C. Andres GmbH & Co. KG
Kallenfelser Straße 2-4
D-55606 Kirn

Telephone: +49 (0) 67 52 / 1 34 0
Telefax:     +49 (0) 67 52 / 1 34 143

E-Mail:       brauerei@kirner.de
Web:           www.kirner.de



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