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Brauhaus S. Riegele


The history of the brewery, "Zum Goldenen Roß", goes back to the 16th century. Sebastian Riegele obtained the brewery with a long tradition in 1884. Today, Riegele is the largest private brewery in Augsburg. 

The three market brand groups - Commerzienrat, Riegele´s beer speciality, Original Spezi ColaOrange, Mozartquelle mineral water - and the dedication of our 100 employees in serving the customer form the basis for our future development.


Brauhaus S. Riegele Inh. Riegele KG
Frölichstraße 26
D-86150 Augsburg

Telephone: +49 (0) 8 21 / 32 09 0
Telefax:     +49 (0) 8 21 / 32 09 80

E-Mail:       info@riegele.de
Web:           www.riegele.de



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The Seven Values of "Die Freien Brauer"


Traditional art of brewing and genuine way of life

These guidelines reveal how "Die Freien Brauer" guarantee the diversity of their product range and strengthen the profitability of their enterprises

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