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Privatbrauerei Jacob Stauder


Only those with the highest demands can actually achieve the highest quality. This thought has been the guiding philosophy since the Privatbrauerei Jacob Stauder, founded in Essen in 1867. Dr. Claus Stauder and master brewer Rolf Stauder have created the strategic and qualitative prerequisites to ensure that the business will continue to be successful in future. The company philosophy, drawing on the experience and knowledge from five generations, is the maxim "smaller but finer!", which is reflected in the conscious rejection of mass production methods. This steadfast testimony to real exclusivity has made Stauder Pilsner a "little celebrity", a symbol of the highest quality, a small but very fine German beer brand. This was confirmed impressively by market research carried out recently in the year 2000 for the up-scale hotel and gastronomic sectors.

The private brewery Jacob Stauder has successfully completed a change of generations and now set the course for the future. On January 1, 2005 Dr. Thomas Stauder (37) and Graduate Brewing Engineer Axel Stauder (37) took over the management. In the past ten years Dr. Thomas Stauder and Axel Stauder have had successful careers with responsible positions in well-known companies in the consumer goods industry. Dr. Claus Stauder becomes chairman of the newly formed advisory board of the company and will continue to use his contacts and experience for the Stauder brand.

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Privatbrauerei Jacob Stauder GmbH & Co. KG
Stauderstraße 88
D-45326 Essen

Telephone: +49 (0) 2 01 / 36 16 0
Telefax:     +49 (0) 2 01 / 36 16 133

E-Mail:       info@stauder.de
Web:           www.stauder.de



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