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Privat-Brauerei Zötler



Zötler beer - brewed with love and passion

Zötler beer - The beer of the people from the Allgäu

Since 1447, extraordinary beer has been brewed at the foot of the Grünten, the "watcher of the Allgäu", - in the Zötler family brewery, the oldest family-owned company in the German speaking region.

The beer is so deeply rooted in the Allgäu region and has literally become a part of it; it is legitimate to say that it is the beer of the people from the Allgäu.

Here the many Zötler beer drinkers have kind of developed unquestionable trust in the family-owned company, its art of brewing and into the ZÖTLER BIER brand over centuries.

We, the Zötler family and all of our employees, still see beer brewing as a real craft - in spite of the use of ultra modern technology.

Therefore our beer specialities are only made of the best raw ingredients; first class hops and malt, home grown yeast and fresh mountain spring water, and brewed according to old, traditional recipes.

The very special, rounded taste and wholesomeness which characterise the Zötler beers are also thanks to a very crucial criterion: the extraordinary long cold storage in the deep cellars of our family brewery.


Privat-Brauerei Zötler GmbH
Grüntenstr. 2
87549 Rettenberg

Tel.:       +49 (0) 83 27 / 921 28
Fax:       + 49 (0) 83 27 / 74 87

E-Mail:   info@zoetler.de
Web:       www.zoetler.de



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