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Privatbrauerei Zwettl


The earliest reference to the brewing of beer in Zwettl can be found in official documents from the year 1306 (a brewer by the name of Chunrat Malzer).

The private brewery, however, was established in 1708 with the registration of the "Stiegenbrauerei" in the Syrnau section of the town. In 1860 the "Stiegenbrauerei" was purchased by a beer brewer named, Zaunmüller, who sold it three decades later to the Bavarian brewer, Georg Schwarz. The new owner took up residence in Zwettl and is the ancestor to the present owner of the fifth generation, Braumeister Mag. Karl Schwarz.

The modern keg and bottle filling facilities ensure that the production keeps up with the increasing demand for Zwettler beer specialities. The distribution area extends over most of eastern Austria. Today, with ca. 200,000 hectoliters of beer production, the Privatbrauerei Zwettl maintains a leading position among the mid-sized breweries in Austria.


Privatbrauerei Zwettl Karl Schwarz GmbH
Syrnauer Str. 22-25
A-3910 Zwettl

Telephone: +43 (0) 28 22 / 5 00 0
Telefax:     +43 (0) 28 22 / 5 00 38

E-Mail:       info@zwettler.at
Web:           www.zwettler.at



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